Skoert Vlieg

Fly repellant fan

Entertain fly free with our fly repellent fan that keeps flies away from your food. Presenting our brand new rechargeable units with improved blades for extra durability

Product Features


Ideal for outdoor entertainment and braai


Skoertvlieg is a noise free fly repellent solution

Environmentally friendly

Free from harmful chemicals


Reflective lines at the end of each blade keeps flies away by disorientating them


Free replacement blade included


Blades come to a stop in case of obstruction making it safe around children and animals

Happy Clients

“My partner won’t touch food if a fly was remotely close by.  I was searching for a very original Christmas present for him last year and after googling came across Skoertvlieg. I bought him two and on Christmas day when his Mother arrived I immediately recognised the size of her wrapped boxes to be Skoertvlieg. What could I say, great minds think alike and four of them, two from me and two from here were just perfect for the Christmas lunch table. We have since been using them non stop. Two permanently in the kitchen and two on the dining room table. They work brilliantly and it was the best Christmas present ever. No more wasted food! Thank you Skoertvlieg Team! We are very happy customers”!

Eleanor Van Niekerk

“Beste produk wat ek in jarrre aangeskaf het! Fyn ontwerp wat by alle interieur sy weg vind! Dankie, dankie!!”


“Received one for Christmas as a pressie but was fascinated before I opened my gift as our hosts had them protecting our Christmas fare. They were very effective indeed. Not a single fly settled on the turkey or gammon.”


Skoert vlieg in action


Do you have it available in different colours?
Black only
I love entertaining – how many units  would you recommend?

3 Skoert Vlieg Units is definitely a nice amount to have – although one is definitely better than none

How long must it charge?
Approximately 3 hours. When you insert the USB cable it will make a “red light”, allow it to charge for a few hours until you the red light turns green.
How long will my Skoert Vlieg work before it need to be charged again?
Up to 12 hours
How do I clean my Skoert Vlieg?
The Skoert Vlieg should not be submerged into water as it is an electronic device.  Wipe with a damp cloth or spray with Skoert Kiem Handsanitiser (70% Alcohol) to remove fat stains.
The blade is not rotating as it use to?
The blade might be bend – you can replace the blade with the free blade included in the box. 
Please also visit our Skoert Products You Tube channel for instructions.
How do I replace a blade?
Skoert Vlieg fly repellent fan replacement blades are super easy to install:
1. Remove top black cap with blade from your Skoert Vlieg fly repellent fan unit
2. Click off top the top part of the cap (use a flat, blunt know to separate the two caps)
3. Remove broken blade and replace with new one – make sure the holes fit neatly onto the unit
4. Click top cap back on
5. Put the new blade with cap back onto the unit
Please also visit our Skoert Products You Tube channel for instructions.
What is my warranty on the Rechargeable Skoert Vlieg?
Skoert Products have a limited 6 month Warranty on its products.

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