Skoert Muskiet

Mosquito lamp

From baby room to camping, keep away irritating mosquitoes for a good night’s sleep. Our rechargeable Mosquito Lamp make an excellent gift for anyone

Product Features

Mosquito-Free sleep

Ideal for your room and camping


Skoertvlieg is a noise free fly repellent solution

Environmentally friendly

Free from harmful chemicals

convert into night light

Lamp can switch to a dim night light

easy to assembale and clean

Small brush included for easy cleaning

Rechargeable & portable

Comes with USB cable for charging.

Happy Client

I am very happy with Skoert Muskiet, mainly because it works very efficiently. The blue light is soft on my eyes. The additional lamp / lantern function comes in very handy. One of the nicest features is that it comes with rechargeable batteries. I plan to acquire more units and can recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience. Well done SKOERT PRODUCTS and THANK YOU!”


Karel Steenkamp

Skoert muskiet in action


Do you have it available in different colours?
Black only
How long must it charged 
Approximately 4 hours. When you insert the USB cable it will make a “Red Light” allow it to charge for a few hours until you the Red light turns green.
How long will my Skoert Muskiet work before I need to charge it again?
The Skoert Muskiet unit can work up to 12 hours but it will depend on which function you are using it (for example night lamp or mosquito setting). When it is killing allot of mosquitoes the operating hours might be less as more power will be used.
What must I do to get best results?
Although the unit is rechargeable and have 12 hours battery life, you can keep it plugged in in the room and keep it switched on to catch even more mosquitoes. If you don’t want to plug it in – switch the unit on a few hours before entering the room.
How can I optimize the battery life of my Skoert Muskiet?
To optimize the battery life of your unit it is advised  that you keep the unit plugged in when possible and only use the battery function when needed.
My Skoert Muskiet was unplugged for longer than 12 hours and need to be charged again but doesn’t work immediately when plugged in?
Allow your Skoert Muskiet unit to charge for at least 4 hours to restore battery life.
Does the Skoert Muskiet makes a “noise”?
No – the unit is silent and won’t disturb your sleep.
How do I clean my Skoert Muskiet?
As this is made of electronic components – please do not submerge into water. Wipe with a damp cloth
Please also visit our Skoert Products You Tube channel for instructions.
What is my warranty on the Rechargeable Skoert Vlieg?
Skoert Products have a limited 6 month Warranty on its products.

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