About us

Skoert Products owner Elizabeth Lategan



More about me. I grew up on a farm in Ermelo, matriculated, went on to study studied BSc Nutrition and Food Science at University of Pretoria and later in my life also done BCom Financial Management at UNISA to enhance my business ability.  I always knew in my heart that I was an Entrepreneur with a passion to work with people and ultimately to make a difference.  The Skoert journey has allowed me in so many ways to live my dream.  It has always been important to me to lead by example and to show my three beautiful children that nothing in life is handed to you on a golden platter, but rather with hard work and dedication you can make anything a success. Three years down the line, I can honestly say that the Skoert business is successful in many ways.

Skoert Products has further enabled me to get more involved in charity projects, which lies close to my heart. We donated percentage of our fly fans to restaurants and charity organisations enabling even soup kitchens to serve their food fly free. Skoert is also currently one of the funders of the Project Intombi – a proud project of Emthonjeni. 

I believe a business must have a heart beat, and that heart beat can only stay alive if you invest in the communities around you and serve your clients well.

Thank you for Supporting Skoert products and enabling us to make a difference. 

SKOERT Vlieg was founded in 2019 by myself, Elizabeth Lategan and a friend, Barbara van Zyl. We are both moms with a passion for business and saw an opportunity to market the Fly Repellent fan, which at the time was not well known and not easily available in the biggest parts of South Africa. As we are passionate about nature and the environment it made sense for us to put our efforts into promoting a product which is chemical free and environmentally friendly.

Barbara, a graphic designer, developed the luxury inspired design for the packaging – which helped us market the product as a gift not only for individuals but also for corporate gifting.  We created the proudly South African name – SKOERT – as it not only perfectly describes the function of the product but is also relatable for clients.

At the end of 2019 Barbara gave birth to a beautiful little girl and decided to leave the business to focus her time and energy on being a full time mom.

I decided to continue with the business as I could see the potential the SKOERT brand held. What started as a hobby soon exploded into a business and 3 years later the business has distribution networks in place with Takealot.com and Yuppiechef. SKOERT Vlieg has grown so popular that it can be found anywhere from an extravagant hotel in Bahrain to a small town guesthouse in the Karoo.

In 2020 we further increased the environmentally friendliness of the SKOERT Vlieg product by making the fan rechargeable and we continuously aim to enhance our product. 2020 was also the year in which we launched a new product, SKOERT Muskiet, an environmentally friendly, chemical free mosquito repellent.

As for all businesses 2020 was a challenging year with the various levels of lockdown in South Africa.  This however saw another opportunity to expand the SKOERT product range and we developed SKOERT Kiem, a hand sanitiser. As many underprivileged communities could not afford sanitiser, much of our product was donated to these communities to keep them safe in those uncertain times. One of our business’ core values is to focus on family and to make a difference in our communities, and by donating SKOERT Kiem, we hope we made a positive impact on those communities. 

Skoert Products owner Elizabeth Lategan